On line Tutoring Program


You can learn Italian online with a tutor following the right program taking you to your target level.


Why learning online ?

- First of all you set your schedule and the tutor can be flexible.

- You follow your pace and the tutor follows your style of learning.

- The time is all yours.

- The program can be tailored on your needs


How does it work?

You just send an email or chat with a tutor to set the best time for the FIRST FREE LESSON. After this first experience you can decide if and how to continue.


Italian for Basic User (Beginners)

A1 Starting point to further steps.

A2 Beginner competence of the language not yet independent in communication.

Italian for Independent User (Intermediate)

B1 Gives the ability to deal with everyday situations.

B2 Allows to enrol to Italian Univerities.

Italian for Proficient User (Advanced)

C1 Allows to enrol to Advanced Courses of Italian Languge and Culture as well to Courses of Language for Teachers of Italian

C2 Certifies the ability to communicate in a very advanced professional environnement.

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